Expansion of Puohala Elementary Hawaiian language program to Grade 7 Survey

puohalaelHere is a message from the Po’okumu/Principal of Pūʻōhala School:

As the Po’okumu/Principal of Pūʻōhala School, I am gathering information in regards to the interest and support of the expansion of our Hawaiian language program to Papa 7 (Gr.7) hopefully this next school year. Our hope is to extend through middle school here at Pūʻōhala and eventually to Castle High School for grades 9-12. Please take our survey to help us determine the need, desire, and interest in all our stakeholders which includes teachers and parents of students in either the English language or Hawaiian language programs and our community members.


Makala Pa`akaula, Po`okumu/Principal

February 2017 Newsletter

Sending love and gratitute to all of our newsletter readers, community partners, and volunteers!  We appreciate all of your support and wish you a wonderful and enjoyable February!

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Homeless Count Survey Training in Kahaluu–Need Volunteers!

Still more VOLUNTEERS NEEDED ! – to help with the Annual HUD Homeless Count to ensure that Windward gets the Funding: Services, Support & Housing for our Communities’ Houseless/Homeless. Especially need Volunteers who know our “Quiet Homeless” /Houseless working Local families & individuals to ensure our Local Community gets the Funding, Services and Housing they need.

*Homeless Count Survey Training in Kahalu’u-
this WEDS, Jan/18/2017
47-451 HUI AEKO PLACE (on Circle across from Ahuimau Elementary School)

The Training is to do the Official HUD government 1+ page Survey of our Homeless/Houseless and will help us get Funding and Services for Windward (and Oahu).  The Survey takes place from Mon Jan23-Fri Jan 27th, so if you even have 3 hours to spare during that week- that is a help. As many of you know, we also have many Hidden Homeless and  Working People/Families who are Homeless in tents and cars who also need to be counted and get services.

Sign Up:  http://www.partnersincareoahu.org/2017-point-time-count-oahu

Kaneohe-Kahalu’u is Region #4 Lower Windward   (Ko’olauLoa, Waikane, Waihole is Region #6 Upper Windward)

For more Info:  SEE>http://www.civilbeat.org/2017/01/wanted-volunteers-for-homeless-survey



The lack of Survey Volunteers in the last years is a Big Reason that Windward has not gotten the help for our Homeless :see>  http://www.staradvertiser.com/2016/01/31/hawaii-news/homeless-count-a-lack-of-volunteers-for-an-annual-census-could-threaten-the-states-bid-for-federal-dollars/


*Also need Volunteer Organizations needed to make & donate Small Gifts Bags for homeless/houseless who do survey. Typically: plastic bags from newspapers filled with: small samples: shampoo, soap, toothbrush and a granola bar, etc.

January 2017 Newsletter

Happy New Year!!  2017 is here!

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Please note a change that the Windward Children’s Community Council Meeting on January 10th has changed their meeting time to
5:30 pm-7:00 pm at the Windward Health Center.

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